Elvis Presley - Fame And Fortune
Elvis y Sus Movimientos de Baile
Elvis Presley Dance Moves
Elvis "Don't Be Cruel" 1956
This was filmed at the Fairgrounds in Tupelo, Mississippi. September 26, 1956. Elvis performed two shows at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show. There are a hundred National Guardsmen surrounding the stage to control the excited crowd. After "Elvis Presley Day" is proclaimed in Tupelo, Mississippi his parents join him as he returns to the town of his birth as a Rock Legend.Pre-fight press conference video. Production: Stereotactic. Producer: Lev Maslov.
Frank Sinatra & Elvis Presley Sing Together
Elvis Presley: Can't Help Falling in Love
Frank Sinatra (Ol' Blue Eyes, The Voice, The Chairman of the Board) and Elvis Pr Frank Sinatra (Ol' Blue Eyes, The Voice, The Chairman of the Board) and Elvis Presley (The King, Elvis the Pelvis) sing together.
Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley
It's March 26th at 6:15 PM in Miami. The year is 1960 and television history is about to be made as legends Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley make television special "Welcome Home Elvis" to celebrate the singer's return from his military service. The two men had been musical rivals throughout the 1950s and the press had largely tried to exploit a rift between them. Yet Sinatra arranged for his own daughter, Nancy, to meet Elvis at the welcoming party and gifted him a box of dress shirts for his arrival.

The show, sponsored by the Timex watch company, aired on May 12, 1960 and captured the attention of an estimated 67% of the entire television-viewing audience. Although critics were divided, it's still exciting to see so many years later.

Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds
Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds

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